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Norwegian artist-duo Mentum express themselves through a synthesis of HipHop-infused contemporary R&B and soulful Pop. Tim and Finn were born in Oslo, Norway with similar cultural backgrounds, though their musical influences sat on separate edges of the musical spectrum.

Through early influences such as Blues, Classic Rock and Pop - to House, Disco and Electronica, together they embody a rare diversity of musical impulses.

Tim and Finn met at the Norwegian independence day in 2014. Ever since then they’ve been experimenting with different sounds and musical paths, which has now shaped into the artist-duo we know as Mentum.

Some say Finn was born with a six-string on his back, but all we know for sure is that he can rock the casbah like only a few others before him. After years of grinding the frets and broadening his guitar skills by the likes of virtuosos such as Slash, Jimi Hendrix, and John Mayer, he started learning to sing after much encouragement from his brother. As a songwriter, Finn draws inspiration from human beings: the species cursed with a conscious awareness of their own mortality that allow for both brilliant and tragic experiences in life, love and lunacy. After finishing high school he journeyed to Edinburgh, Scotland to study music, and upon completing his bachelor he returned to the motherland to pursue a full-time career as a musician.

Tim started expressing his creative side through drawing and painting at an early age, but his growing fascination for sounds and harmonies dragged his attention onto music. As an avid explorer of various musical genres, he one day stumbled upon Daft Punk. He was never the same afterwards. For years he was inseparable from his computer; constantly exploring new sounds, hooks and melodies, and mastering the art of Logic Pro. Through contemplation, talent and a will to work hard, he realized his potential to make a living of his passion, and today we know him as one of the founding members of Mentum.

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